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Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill
The Young Folk
Harewood Magna, probably the youngest Folk Group in the United Kingdom, was formed before the eldest reached his sixteenth birthday. The group had actually formed a couple of years earlier during a school break, when Martin Lee asked some of his school mates if they would like to join a Folk Group. Francis 'Frankie' Bolton, David Parkinson and Stephen Ryan agreed. David bought a guitar whilst Frankie provided a double bass. Julie Swiatczak joined a little later and 'The Young Folk was formed.

A few months later, David left the group, who then continued as 'Harewood Magna'.

Having found the correct balance with Martin's arrangements, and a repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs, plus several of their own composition, they proved to be very popular on the Lancashire folk scene. Despite their youth, their music is surprisingly mature and harmonious.
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